Salim Group and Liquid Inc., on Monday (27/08) announced that a Joint Venture company has established. PT. Indoliquid Technology Sukses (Indoliquid), Information and technology company liquid Inc has launched a payment service using fingerprint authentication in Indonesia.

This Joint Venture company will combine the advance technology from Liquid Inc. that able to do biomatric autentification in big scale with high level of acuracy and speed, that will be combined with the advance of Salim Group business network in Indonesia and International trade sector.

This cooperation can help Indoliquid to expand the technology platform and apply the biometric authentification that is convenient for many variant of industry, such as Manufacture, agribusiness, distribution and retail, hotels and resorts, financial services, and e-commerce.

 “We are very happy in the establishment of the Join Venture with Salim Group, as the best mitra in our technology and choice of colaborating. Through this Jpint Venture, we can provide the authentification platform that flexible and eficient in all region of Indonesia. We are honored and awaits to develop the next generation of payment and business platform in Indonesia that can give contribution to support the people’s lifestyle and will have impact to big business Indonesia,” said Yasuhiro Kuda, CEO of Liquid Inc. Japan.

Sejumah perangkat otentikasi biometrik (sumber: Indoliquid)

“Through this Joint Venture, we will give to consumen, the authentification platform that can be relied on. With the liquid Inc’s mastery in creating the big scale biometric authentification platform  and our experience in handling the big business network, we believe this platform will bring many benefits to our consumen and their ecosystems,” said Anthoni Salim – Chairman of Salim Group.

The fingerprints of the users need to be registered and they have to deposit money in advance in order to use the service. The users can complete the payments within three seconds with the fingerprint readers’ system, which according to Liquid, have an error rate of one in a trillion.