The Information and technology company liquid Inc has launched a payment service using fingerprint authentication in Indonesia
Based on the Bangkok Post, the Liquid’s joint venture with local conglomerate Salim Group is aiming for several hundred thousand users

“We are looking forward to developing the next generation payment and business platform in Indonesia, which will contribute to changing people’s lifestyle and have a big business impact in Indonesia,” said Yasuhiro Kuda, CEO of Tokyo-based Liquid.
In order to use the service, the users need to register the fingerprints and deposit money in advance. The payments can be completed within three seconds with the fingerprint’s system readers., which have an error of one in a million, according to liquid.

The company will start registering users’ fingerprints this month handled by Salim and start installing the fingerprints reader this year at stores. Salim group businesses range from food and car sales to convenience store operations.
In some cities in Japan, Liquid is currently providing such fingerprint payment services to ten thousand users.

Counting from the economic growth of the most populous country in Southest Asia, the company is aiming to expand the business in Indonesia,